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Pioneer Lanes Is Your Home For Family Fun In Platteville

Pioneer Lanes is a great place to have fun times with family and friends. At Pioneer Lanes you can have a great time at prices that won’t break your family’s budget. We have plenty of bumper bowling lanes just for kids! Bumpers are great to keep the bowling balls out of the gutters and smiles on the faces of your small children.

When looking for family fun in Platteville look no further than Pioneer Lanes.   

Hours Of Operation

Hours Starting Sept 1st

Sun: 11-8pm
Mon: Closed
Tues: 4 -12am
Wed: 4-12am
Thur: 4-12am
Fri: 4-12am
Sat: 11-12am

(call for current hours)

10th Association meeting
13th National family bowling day 12 to 8pm
14th open bowl 12 to 6pm
19th open bowl 4 to 8pm
20th open bowl 12 to 8pm
21st open bowl 12 to 6pm
23rd start of free league bowler practice week 4 to 8pm
23rd to 26th open bowl 4 to 8pm
25th High Rollers League starts / open bowl 4 to 10pm
27th open bowl 12 to 8pm
28th open bowl 12 to 6pm
30th City league starts / open bowl 4 to 10pm
31st open bowl 4 to 8pm

Family Glow Bowling

Every Sunday 11am-4pm

Family Glow Bowl with all the lights off, cosmic show, plus all the big screens on!  All geared towards families who can’t join us for our late night cosmic bowling but still want the cosmic experience.

Our family glow is also a great time to have your child’s birthday party!

*Please call ahead for availability as prescheduled events may limit Glow Bowl hours.